Cannes: Film Constellation Boards Steven Caple Jr.’s Skateboarding Drama ‘The Land’ (EXCLUSIVE)

In its second run-up-to-Cannes pickup, Film Constellation, Fabien Westerhoff’s newly-launched London-based financing-licensing company, has acquired international sales rights to IFC-distributed U.S. crime drama “The Land.” Written and directed by Steven Caple Jr. in his feature debut, this slice of Cleveland youth culture features the on-screen presence of hip-hop stars Erykah Badu and Colson Baker (aka Machine… Read more »

Harry says, “Captain America: CIVIL WAR is great just like the 1996 Chicago Bulls!”

This is just comic book and cinematic greatness here!

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Friends…  The feeling after watching CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR on a great big 3D screen with a few hundred folks is 100% elation.  I’ve been going to superhero movies with my dad forever.   We’ve seen varying degrees of success.  When I read a comic book, especially a Marvel Comic, they do this thing of being casually super.  You know those moments.  Everyone loves a good party scene with your favorite heroes, but now it’s time to scrap.  And superheroes scrapping like a bunch kids playing in the backyard of Marvel Studios is just simply the best thing ever.
Everybody in this movie is giving a capitol effort to do what they feel is right.  And I mean EVERYONE!   Let’s take a look at Frank Grillo’s CROSSBONES.  Captain America dropped a building on his head and made him the Phantom of the Opera, so he’s gone and had built a Beat the Fuck Out Of Captain America Suit.   Now, this ass-whupping outfit is a bit of a compressed Alien Loadlifter, only if it had mechanical steel knuckles that could punch through rock and steel and Captain Americas.     Frank Grillo is twisted fucking evil gone revenge crazed.   He does it… Magnificently well.  But ya get where he’s coming from.   It’s simple.  Now Captain America was literally built to take a licking and keep on ticking.  He’s the Timex of Superheroes, kicking evil’s ass starting with Hitler!  He’s also from Brooklyn.  And was kicking the ass of evil before most of us were born,

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Time Warner Beats Q1 Earnings Expectations With Help From CNN

A lot of things worked for Time Warner in Q1 as political junkies tuned in to CNN and superhero fans lined up for Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice. And they paid off with earnings results, out this morning, that beat Wall Street’s expectations.
The company generated $1.21 billion in net income, up 25.2% vs the period last year, on revenues of $7.31 billion, up 2.5%. Analysts thought the top line would be a little lower, at $7.31 billion. But adjusted earnings, at…


HBO, Turner Lift Time Warner Earnings

HBO and Turner Networks boosted earnings at Time Warner during the first quarter of 2016, off-setting declines in the media conglomerate’s film unit. Revenues at the film and television company rose 3% to $7.3 billion, up from $7.1 billion a year ago. Operating income rose 12% to $2 billion, while adjusted earnings topped out at… Read more »

Ennio Morricone European Tour Dates Cancelled due to Health Concerns

ROME — Italian composer Ennio Morricone, winner of this year’s original-score Oscar for Quentin Tarantino’s “The Hateful Eight,” has cancelled several European tour dates due to back problems. The 87-year-old maestro with more than 500 movie credits to this name has two collapsed spinal vertebrae, according to a statement issued by Rome’s Accademia Nazionale di… Read more »

Cannes: Pablo Larrain’s Gael Garcia Bernal-starrer ‘Neruda’ Closes France, U.K., Germany, Italy (EXCLUSIVE)

MADRID –Co-financed by Participant Media, Gael Garcia Bernal starrer “Neruda,” directed by Chile’s Pablo Larrain (“No” “The Club”) and one of the highest-profile entries at Cannes 2016 Directors’ Fortnight, has closed robust pre-sales in the four biggest of Europe’s Big Five territories. Alongside the U.S., these rank as the world’s weightiest markets for foreign-language cross-over… Read more »



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Writers: Jason Aaron, Gerry Duggan, & James Robinson Artists: Chris Bachalo, Leonardo Romero, Danilo Beyruth, & Mike Perkins Publisher: Marvel Comics Reviewer: Humphrey Lee I’ve always felt that the magical corner of the Marvel universe – which is essentially a handful of characters that all live in Soho and then wherever the motherlovin’ Son of Satan is currently camping out – has not had much of its own playground in a while now. When I was growing up, in a dark age of an era where porn was not literally at your fingertips as long as you had a data signal, there was a line of “Midnight Sons” titles that at least made the more “bump in the night” books like

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