Crime Series ‘Marcella’ Returning To ITV & Netflix For 2nd Season – Edinburgh

ITV and Netflix crime series Marcella has been picked up for a second season. The eight-part drama from Hans Rosenfeldt, creator of the original Swedish/Danish co-production The Bridge (Bron), will air in the UK on ITV next year and go out worldwide via Netflix following the UK broadcast. The streaming service acquired the Anna Friel-starring series earlier this year.
Buccaneer Media will again produce what’s been billed as Scandinavian noir on the streets of Britain…


Netflix Re-Ups with ITV, Rosenfeldt, Friel on Season 2 of ‘Marcella’

Netflix has renewed with ITV, “The Bridge” creator Hans Rosenfeldt and star Anna Friel for a second season of crime drama series “Marcella.” The deal gives the U.S. streaming giant another strand to its business in Britain, one of its key international markets. The new season of eight hourlong episodes will premiere globally on Netflix… Read more »

The Behind the Scenes Pic of the Day: Robert Rodriguez and Tim Roth on the set of FOUR ROOMS!

Rodriguez, in full on Rebel Without A Crew ’90s mode, operates the camera while Tim Roth goes bonkers in the ’90s indie boom classic!

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Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. A little late again, but not too ridiculously so. Just over the wire (LA time), so don’t sweat it. Today’s pic was inspired by Robert Rodriguez’s take on Alita: Battle Angel moving forward with some interesting casting. In the article discussing Christoph Waltz’s possible casting in the film I talked a bit about Rodriguez’s early career and it made me nostalgic, so I looked through my archives and came across this photo of Robert at work during the making of Four Rooms.
It’s kind of vintage ’90s Rodriguez. Operating the steadicam himself, bandana on… full on Rebel Without A Crew mode.
The movie itself wasn’t considered great in the day because it was a little like Pulp Fiction without the trendsetting. I haven’t watched it in years, but I would imagine this one holds up strong. Even back then I loved its anthology quality, but if my memory isn’t betraying me I think it’s going to ring a lot of those ’90s indie film boom bells that marked the time period in which I dove headlong into my passion for cinema.
Enjoy the pic!

Tomorrow/today’s pic will be a neat picture direct from the archives of effects legend Steve Johnson (the first of many cool candid effects photos to come) and will surely not piss you off to no end. See ya’ then.
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Britney Spears Debuts On Carpool Karaoke, Talks Men, Marriage, More Kids

Britney Spears’ Carpool Karoake with James Corden debuted on CBS’s Late Late Show tonight.
Corden asked Spears what “Oops!… I Did It Again” really is about.
“I don’t know. I really don’t know,” Britney confessed. “I think it’s just a song.”
Later she revealed, “I want more” kids.
“Like three more. I have to find the right guy first,” Britney remembers.
“Who would that be? What are you looking for?” Corden wonders, speaking for us all.
“I think I might not ever go to men…


Veep Candidate Tim Kaine Dispatches Donald Trump Over Hillary ‘Bigot’ Remarks On Stephen Colbert’s ‘Late Show’ – Update

Tony Hale, aka Veep’s sycophantic Washington body man Gary Walsh, hovered behind Democratic VP candidate Tim Kaine tonight as the candidate met Late Show host Stephen Colbert in the green room, whispering helpful information– including the name of the show. Kaine was making his late-night comedy debut, but held his own in the comedy bit with the two pros.
Preliminaries over with, Colbert reminded viewers the first presidential debate will be held on Monday, September…