The Beauty of ‘Sully’: How Clint Eastwood Turned Chesley Sullenberger Into a Countercultural Hero

When I first heard that Clint Eastwood was going to turn the story of Capt. Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger into a major motion picture, I had two thoughts: first, that the subject seemed almost too on-the-nose and down-the-middle-of-the-plate for a Hollywood heroic saga. (It sounded like the sort of thing that would have been a routine… Read more »

‘Best Democracy’ Rules, ‘Queen Of Katwe’ Bows: Specialty Box Office

Just in time for the debate, Cinema Libre opened Best Democracy Money Can Buy in an exclusive engagement over the weekend, grossing $10K. Also in a single location, Long Shot Factory bowed doc Generation Startup taking in over $6K. Disney doesn’t usually hit this column, but the studio went for limited runs for Queen of Katwe by Mira Nair, grossing $305K. Broad Green opened Australian hit The Dressmaker with Kate Winslet in a few dozen locations grossing over $180K…


Amazon’s ‘Good Girls Revolt’ Repaints History With ‘Mad Men’ Brush – Trailer

“I don’t want to just watch the news,” says one of the “good girls” in Amazon’s new trailer for Good Girls Revolt. “I want to be a part of it.” The series, set in 1969 and inspired by the real-life group of female Newsweek researchers who demanded equality and bylines, doesn’t debut until October 28, but the trailer gives us more than a little hint of its Mad Men vibe. Based on the book The Good Girls Revolt by Lynn Povich, the series fictionalizes Newsweek to the News of…


Cinematographers Guild Honors Rodrigo Prieto, Dolby Labs, and David Geffner With Special Awards

DP Rodrigo Prieto (“The Wolf of Wall Street”), tech innovator Dolby Laboratories, and ICG magazine editor David Geffner received the International Cinematographers Guild (ICG) special 2016 Emerging Cinematographer Awards on Friday. The awards were presented during the ECA opening event, held at the clubhouse of the American Society of Cinematographers in Hollywood. The 20th annual… Read more »

MLB Superstar Jose Fernandez Killed in Boating Accident

Miami Marlins pitcher Jose Fernandez, who quickly became one of the biggest stars in Major League Baseball, died early Sunday in a boating accident, Florida officials said. He was 24. The Miami team issued a statement on the news later on Sunday: “The Miami Marlins organization is devastated by the tragic loss of José Fernández. Our… Read more »

Fantastic Fest: AMERICAN HONEY makes Annette Kellerman’s sweet tooth ache

Fantstic Fest: AMERICAN HONEY makes Annette Kellerman’s sweet tooth ache

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Full disclosure: I am not typically a fan of what I like to call “meandering coming-of-age dramas.” I admit it. I like films with arcs and acts and all the bells and whistles. It’s called a formula because it is tried and true, and it works. Obviously, there are many films that deviate from the norm and have also delighted me, but more often than not I have only a mild tolerance for films that can’t get to the point. Sometimes there is a lot to like in a film that drifts along, yet the final result is overshadowed by lack of momentum. AMERICAN HONEY has a lot to offer, however the drawn out third act detracts from the otherwise overall freshness.The film revolves around Star, a young woman desperate to escape her bleak existence living in poverty with relatives in small town Texas. Strapped with the responsibility of caring for her young siblings (step siblings? cousins?) and fending off advances from her step dad (step brother? uncle?), Star decides to take up the offer of a handsome stranger who invites her to come along with his band of teenage misfits to sell magazines across the country. Packed like dirty, zitty sardines in a 10 seater van, the merry band take Star into their fold and indoctrinate her immediately. The boss lady Chrystal (Riley Keough) is in charge, and her deputy Jake (Shia LaBeouf) is tasked with training newbies. Soon Star finds herself in various not-so-safe scenarios selling more than

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