Review: Charlize Theron's Relentlessly Grim And Dour 'Dark Places' THE PLAYLIST

Everyone enjoys a brief opening paragraph, so why don’t we spend it listing all the things that “Dark Places,” from director Gilles Paquet-Brenner (“Sarah’s Key”), gets right. Its cast is undoubtedly committed, particularly a convincingly grimy Charlize Theron, and an enjoyably off-the-leash Chloe Grace Moretz, though it feels like they ….Read More Via:: THE PLAYLIST

Ben Khan – “Blade (Tidal Wave Of Love)” STEREOGUM

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Ben Khan is a 22-year-old producer from London who makes a distinctly British form of synth-addled electro-funk. Jai Paul is the easy comparison to make, and it’s an apt one, but Khan is no mere knockoff. This spring’s 1000 EP was excellent, nudging Paul’s swampy mutant-R&B into the light ….Read More Via:: STEREOGUM

ABC Finally Caps Upfront With CPM Gains ADWEEK - TV

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After spending the day touting its fall slate to television reporters, ABC had some additional news to break: the network has finally finished its upfront deals. A source says that CPM increases were between five and six percent. Thomas Staggs, Disney’s COO, revealed ….Read More Via:: ADWEEK – TV