Emma Thompson Talks Screenwriting: 'If You Can't Fail, You Can't Do This Job' Thompson on Hollywood

Thompson’s approach couldn’t have been more opposite to James Schamus’ opening lecture – a drier, university-style sermon – two days prior. The actress-screenwriter showed clips and performed a sketch-comedy monologue to supplement her inspired preamble, during which she sat writing at a desk, barefoot and in overalls, before getting up ….Read More Via: THOMPSON on Read more

Fantastic Fest Review: Movie Studio Nostalgia Doc ‘Electric Boogaloo: The Wild, Untold Story of Cannon Films’ THE PLAYLIST

Much like the Orion Pictures logo that recently resurfaced and excited Generation Nostalgia™, you probably know the Cannon Films emblem, may remember their films and might even fetishize their library. But unlike Orion, which gave cineastes nine Woody Allen movies, unimpeachable genre classics like “RoboCop,” “The Terminator” and four Best ….Read More Via: THE PLAYLIST