Two Months Until the iPhone 3.5mm Headphone Jack Disappears…

Will you survive the iPhone headphone jack-ocalypse? Just weeks away from the official presentation, and according to reports from trusted social media leakers, Apple is planning on doing away with the 3.5 mm headphone jack that’s been standard on pretty much any mobile device.  The iPhone 7, sans 3.5mm jack, is expected to be unveiled in […]

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‘Empire’s Lee Daniels Tells DNC That 2016 Is “Most Important Election Of Our Lifetime”; Advocates Gun Control

“I’m here because the next President of the United States invited me,” said Empire co-creator Lee Daniels today from the Philadelphia stage of the Democratic National Convention. “I was a little scared at first,” The Butler director added. “I wondered if Hillary really knew who I was. Not just the work I do in entertainment but who I really am.” To big applause from the crowd in the Philly arena, the Hillary Clinton supporter told them “this is the most important election…


‘Narcos’ Creators On Series Post-Escobar: “We Plan On Stopping When Cocaine Stops” – TCA

Season 2 of Netflix’s Narcos will pick up from the last and showcase the ultimate demise of Pablo Escobar, which essentially marks the end of Golden Globe nominee Wagner Moura’s run playing the infamous drug lord. So after two seasons with Escobar at the center, reporters at TCA (and surely fans as well) were curious of the what might be to come.
Wagner, along with executive producer Eric Newman and director/executive director Jose Padilha, remained tight-lipped about the…


‘Luke Cage’ Star Mike Colter on Playing Marvel’s First Black Lead

Mike Colter originated the onscreen version of Luke Cage on Netflix’s Marvel series “Jessica Jones.” Now that character is getting his own show, making “Luke Cage” the first Marvel superhero show with an African-American lead. Colter takes that responsibility seriously. “It’s important in the landscape of television and also globally as far as symbols,” Colter… Read more »

Actors’ Equity Leaders Say They’ve Been “Threatened” By 99-Seat Plan Opponents

The war of words continues between Actors’ Equity and a group of Los Angeles-based actors and theater owners opposed to the union’s plan to force small playhouses to pay their actors minimum wage. In a recent email to members, the union said the minimum wage opponents have “openly threatened Equity staff and councilors and blacklisted members of their own community for speaking on behalf of fair pay.”
Opponents say that forcing 99-seat theaters in L.A. to pay minimum wage…


Arnold Schwarzenegger Part Of James Cameron’s Global-Warming Video Shown At Dem Convention

OK, let’s try to wrap our heads around the following: Arnold Schwarzenegger, the Republican former governor of California, just talked about global warming at the Democratic National Convention. No, he didn’t make a backlit entrance for an impassioned speech, but he is among the narrators and appears in “Not Reality TV,” a video about climate change produced by James Cameron that was shown in Philadelphia and aired on TV. Watch it above.
The man who replaced Donald Trump…


‘American Horror Story’ Teasers Give Eerie Glimpse Into Season 6

We’re getting a sneak peek at Ryan Murphy’s American Horror Story Season 6 via three very brief teasers released via Snapchat.
The first shows smoke rising from an isolated farmhouse, forming the previously revealed AHS logo, with ominous sounds of thunder, a chain saw and a woman’s screams in the background. The second shows a mysterious hand grabbing a knife amid other odd hanging objects over what appears to be a baby’s crib. In the third, we see a woman’s feet running…