Hollywood Rallies In Support Of Leslie Jones Following Hack

Following the vicious doxing of comedian Leslie Jones this morning, friends and peers within the entertainment industry have expressed support for her and outrage about the attack, which saw sensitive and highly personal information posted to the Ghostbusters and Saturday Night Live star’s personal website by hackers.
Ghostbusters director Paul Feig was among the first to weigh in, calling the attack “an absolute outrage,” and blasting possible suspects angrily. Jones…

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Andrea Jaffe Dies: Former PR Powerhouse And Studio Exec Was 66

Andrea Jaffe, a prominent publicist in the 1980s who later became a studio executive and was herself a member of one of Hollywood’s most storied dynasties died today in Wilmington, North Carolina after a lengthy battle with illness. She was 66.
The daughter of former Columbia Pictures chairman Leo Jaffe and sister to producer and former Paramount executive Stanley Jaffe, Jaffe started her career as an assistant at Rogers & Cowan, going on to found her own publicity…

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‘Mr. Robot’ Recap: Tensions Rise in an Unusual Hour

Do not read on unless you have seen “eps2.6_succ3ss0r.p12,” the eighth episode of the second season of “Mr. Robot.” I wrote a piece earlier today on “Mr. Robot” (and “UnReal”) and the bumpy second seasons both have had. But I also wanted to offer a few thoughts on tonight’s episode, which, which, like last week’s… Read more »

Ryan Lochte Dips Toe In ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Pool

Ryan Lochte is diving into a new competition. The Olympic gold medalist and Rio Public Enemy No. 1  is joining ABC’s hoofer competition show Dancing with the Stars. The deal apparently was in the works before the Olympics — and before he and some Team USA buddies swam into trouble with Brazilian authorities.
Lochte, of course, still is dealing with fallout from the incident in Rio in which he claimed to NBC’s Billy Bush he and three other U.S. swimmers were pulled over by…

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Capone interviews MORRIS FROM AMERICA writer-director Chad Hartigan & star Craig Robinson

Capone interviews MORRIS FROM AMERICA writer-director Chad Hartigan & star Craig Robinson

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Hey everyone. Capone in Chicago here. Most people know Craig Robinson as a funnyman, who also has a gift for song, piano playing and general smooth-talking. He’s featured as “Grits” in the new film SAUSAGE PARTY and joined the cast of “Mr. Robot” this season, all after an astonishing run as Darryl Philbin on “The Office.” But with his latest work, MORRIS FROM AMERICA, Robinson shows us a side and depth to his acting abilities that have not truly been tapped into until now. He plays a grieving widower and father to 13-year-old Morris (Markees Christmas) in the latest from writer-director Chad Hartigan (THIS IS MARTIN BONNER). The pair have moved from the United States to Germany, where Robinson’s Curtis has gotten a job as a soccer coach, and both are having trouble adjusted and making new friends, partly because of the language barrier and part because they just aren’t ready to let in anyone new after the death of Curtis’s wife. Morris attempts to be more outgoing by honing his rapping skills, while Curtis struggles to play both father and mother to this growing kid. It’s a touching, funny, and perfectly awkward film, and it’s easily the best on-screening work of Robinson’s career. I had a chance to sit down with Chicago native Craig Robinson and filmmaker Chad Hartigan back in May before the Chicago premiere of MORRIS FROM AMERICA at the Chicago Critics Film Festival, which I help program. Please enjoy… Capone: Chad, someone

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Publicity Executive Andrea Jaffee Dies at 66

Longtime publicity and marketing executive Andrea Jaffe, who was once called the “iron-fisted personal publicist” of Tom Cruise and also worked closely with Oliver Stone, died Wednesday in Wilmington, N.C. after a lengthy illness. She was the daughter of Leo Jaffe, the late Columbia Pictures chairman, and sister of producer and former Paramount Communications COO Stanley Jaffe. In addition… Read more »

What is Fueling Wanda’s Hollywood Dealmaking?

Wang Jianlin, the 64 year-old chairman of China’s Dalian Wanda group, is in too much of a hurry to worry about having his corporate wrist slapped by regulators over a shelved plan to absorb Legendary Entertainment into Wanda Pictures. Wanda announced its $3.5 billion acquisition of Legendary in January and immediately set about refinancing the… Read more »