Melissa Etheridge on Her Marijuana Arrest: ‘I Feel Like a Rock Star Now’ (EXCLUSIVE)

Melissa Etheridge says she feels like a “rock star now” that she’s been arrested for marijuana possession. “I’m in good company,” the singer tells Variety, referring to others like Paul McCartney, Snoop Dogg and Willie Nelson who’ve been busted for pot over the years. Etheridge was sleeping on her tour bus when it was pulled […]

Jimmy Kimmel Returns To Brooklyn, Vowing To Be “As Artisanal As It Gets”

Jimmy Kimmel kicked off his third time doing his ABC late-night show from Brooklyn noting, “Last time we were here, people asked, ‘Will you ever come back?’ And I said ‘Only if you promise to open 2,000 new cold-press juice shops’.”
“And you did. So here we are. You kept your word, I keep my word,” Kimmel enthused.
“And it’s especially great to be able to do our show here at BAM [Brooklyn Academy of Music] one last time before they turn it into a Whole Foods store.”


Trevor Noah Probes Chicago Murder Rate To Kick Off ‘The Daily Show’ Windy City Week

Trevor Noah is in Chicago this week, for The Daily Show Undesked Chicago 2017: Let’s Do This Before It Gets Too Damn Cold.
For opening night, he took the obvious route, breaking down the town’s reputation as the most dangerous city in America. The South African comic told his very receptive Athenaeum Theatre audience that murder rates are higher in St. Louis, Baltimore, Memphis and Cleveland.
“It really sucks that people call Chicago the most dangerous city in America…


BigEyes gazes into BIG MOUTH – review

BigEyes gazes into Netflix’s animated BIG MOUTH – review and awesome clip

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BigEyes here, with a look into a relatively new animated series!

I just finished watching the full season of Big Mouth, and I don’t even know where to begin. It’s a show about young teens going through puberty, posted on Netflix at the end of September. I remember seeing the trailer for it months ago, and thinking that this is going to be awful. But was it? I made it all the way through the last episode, so maybe?

Big Mouth has been getting some surprisingly positive feedback, and dumbfounded feedback toward the positive feedback. I was intrigued, so I took a gander. Early on in the show, it’s pretty questionable who exactly the show for. Middle schoolers that are currently going through this, or adults that have been through it and can dwell in the nostalgia? I want to say both.
For the sake of simplicity, I am going to refer to sex and gender as they were known before label loving Tumblr decided to expand upon it in the recent years. By no means am I deliberately trying to devalue or demean anyone who doesn’t feel that they fit in the binary.
The show itself is very sex positive, and attempts to normalize sexual self discovery by putting it out in the open, and actually does a surprisingly good job. While some scenes may be genuinely shocking, such as a thirteen year old girl having a conversation with her vagina, it can also be strangely educational. Educational in terms of some anatomy,

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Verizon Pulls Univision from Fios Service

Verizon has pulled Spanish-language broadcaster Univision from its Fios and mobile services, Univision Communications said in a statement Monday night, signaling another brewing fracas between a TV company and a distributor in recent weeks. Univsion said its programming was taken off of Verizon-owned venue at around 5 p.m. eastern time Monday. The decision, Univision said, […]

Univision Goes Dark On Verizon FiOS In Carriage Dispute

In a surprise move, Univision was dropped from Verizon FiOS today at about 5 PM East Coast time, where most of the 5 million or so affected customers are. The Spanish-language broadcaster issued a statement about the channel-drop this afternoon:
At 5pm EST on October 16, 2017, entirely without warning, Verizon pulled Univision’s signal from both its FiOS and mobile platforms, leaving consumers without access to the news, information and entertainment they rely on.


“Blockers” Redband Trailer- Dannie and Precious Roy React!

Click now to watch the “Blockers” Redband Trailer- Dannie and Precious Roy React to the Raunchy Short Ride!

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Hola Dannie aqui!
Precious Roy our Florida boy, appeared with this redband trailer hanging from his four eyed sock puppet mouth! Enjoy his write up on this repulsively hilarious trailer, I will follow up with my take at the bottom below the funny picture of John Cena, but first here’s Precious Roy!

Precious Roy here with a redband trailer for Blockers!
It’s a lowbrow comedy starring Jon Cena, Leslie Mann, and MADtv’s Ike Barinholtz as parents whose kids have been friends since childhood. As they grow up together, their kids’ Prom rapidly approaches, the parents discover that the kids have made a pact to lose their virginity on Prom night. Deciding that their kids are not ready/the parents are not ready for this, these three adults decide the appropriate course of action is to attempt to spy on the girls in hopes of sabotaging their wannabe sex lives– deliberately cockblocking their children. Here is the trailer my thoughts are below…

This is not a new concept. We’ve seen this story before, in both movies and television– parents overreeacting to their teenage daughters reaching the age of consent. The question is, do we want to see it John Cena, Leslie Mann, and Ike Barinholtz chug beer through one of their respective assholes to prevent their empty nest syndrome?
The trailer suggests, yeah, we kinda do, if we’re that really small demographic of adult parents preparing for the imminent departure of a child from the family home, or a teenager about to experience Prom and

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John Dunsworth Dies: The ‘Trailer Park Boys’ Actor Was 71

John Dunsworth, who is known for his role of Jim Lahey on the hit Canadian cult mockumentary series Trailer Park Boys died today at the age of 71. His daughter and actress on the series, Sarah took to Twitter to announce the news.
“With heavy and broken hearts the family of John F. Dunsworth would like to let people know that our amazing husband, father and grandfather John Dunsworth has passed away,” she wrote. “John left this world peacefully after a short and…